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What is web hosting ?How to check any Hosting Site? Which hosting is best

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is a large computer (aka server) where people store their websites.

How does web hosting work?

Think of it as a house where everything is stored. Instead of storing clothes and furniture, store digital files (HTML, documents, images, videos, etc.) on a web host.

Often, the term "web hosting" refers to a company that stores a website and lends a computer/server to provide an Internet connection and allow other users to access files on your website.

Usually, web hosting companies don't just save your website. These are some value-added services and features you can expect from your hosting provider.

  • Domain Registration-Buy and manage your domain and hosting from the same provider.
  • Website Builder-Drag and Drop Web Editing Tool for Creating Websites
  • Email Hosting- Send and Receive Emails email@yourdomain.com
  • Basic technical and CMS (ie WordPress) support

What Makes A Good Hosting Company?

There are dozens of factors to consider when choosing a web host.

Server performance, price, features, customer support, and the physical location of the server are usually key factors that shoppers consider. For more information, read my article Web Host Selection Guide.

What is a domain name?

A domain is the name of your website. Before you own a website, you need a domain.

The domain name is not something you can touch or see. It's just a string that gives your website an identity (yes, names like humans and businesses). Here is a simple example: Google.com is a domain name.zthosting.pk, Alexa.com, Linux.org, eLearningEuropa.info, and others.

To own your own domain, you need to register the domain with a .pk domain registration in Pakistan


Way To Check any Hosting Site


Moreover, it is also very important to Check Website Hosting of any site. If your site is unreachable you will lose traffic and confidence of the customer. So, you must check the speed of any hosting website. There are many tools available through which you check the hosting of your site.

Web Hosting Checker

With  Web hosting checker you can Check any Website hosting. Because this software uses the Lookup Tool. Moreover, Zthosting provides that tool because it gave the most accurate result and relevant information on the site. Like:

  1. Hosting info.
  2. Alexa rank.
  3. SEO report
  4. Google page rank.
  5. Social State checker.
  6. Offline/online checker.
  7. Domain IP Blacklist checker.

The IP WHOIS Lookup tool shows a lot of information as possible about a given IP address, from the Regional Internet Registry (RIR) to which the address belongs. An RIR is an organization that manages the allocation and registration of Internet number resources in a specific area of the world.

How to check out the website hosting?

  1. Uptime

An acceptable warranty backed by a reasonable term of service is a good indication of the service provider who will work hard to keep your website online.

  1. Speed

Speed is a crucial factor to get more traffic,  on our site. And a great income to your business.

  1. Price

Pricing strategy is also important. Zthosting gave a pricing strategy that should be affordable by everyone. So always set reasonable prices to enhance more traffic.





Wordpress hosting for small business

The best WordPress hosting will get your business hosting needs It needs to start and grow exponentially without any restrictions. This is the basis for making your business successful.

Your small business website worthy of the best WordPress hosting, because the network hosting is the backbone of your WordPress site. Now, getting a good WordPress hosting is cheap, but you can choose badly and ruin your project. Here we will recommend the best WordPress hosting for small businesses. We have tested how to choose the right WordPress hosting for your small business along with some actionable steps.


Choosing the best hosting is very important if you work in WordPress. Hosting is what makes your website available to everyone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Therefore, deciding on the best host is critical to achieving your goals.

Your website must be fast and must work well at all times without crashes or security issues. This may depend on the success of your project. Fast WordPress hosting provides better user experience and better search targeting Google and other search engines.

Choosing the best VPS server for WordPress is critical to the success of your project.

It is essential that you consider the importance of a good WordPress hosting service for your successful small business website project. So I don't recommend hosting, it's too cheap because they are full of problems, are slow and provide insufficient support.

It's best to invest a little more in the mainframe in exchange for security, support, performance, and positioning.


Source: http://zthosting.com/managed-wordpress-hosting

VPN Guide for Beginners

What is a VPN?VPN Guide for Beginners [2020 Edition]

What is a VPN?

VPN is a virtual private network ( Virtual Private N is an acronym of the network). Virtual private networks provide advanced security and privacy protection when using the Internet, whether at home or on the go.

So how does it work?

Simply put, a VPN creates a secure connection over a public network (for example, Wi-Fi for public transport, hotels, cafes, etc.) or at home (for example, home Internet services).

A VPN hides your online activity by encrypting your data through a specialized server over the wire, protecting you from the many threats lurking on the web. You can protect yourself from hackers' attacks, data resale, and spoofing.

Moreover, the best VPS hosting technology is useful in creating partition on your computer when we want to run more than one OS. OS like windows and Linux without a reboot. The virtual server that you are used will be reserved only for your work. And no one can share your RAM, CPU and other data.

What is a VPN useful for?

You may have already started to understand where VPNs are useful. Let's take a closer look at how VPNs can help you in each situation. It is useful in various situations, so let's look at it in detail.Best vps server in pakistan.

Unblock geo-restricted content such as Netflix, BBC

Want to enjoy all Netflix catalogs without being in the US? Would you like to see Hulu from anywhere in the world? I hope you can watch the BBC from Japan.

Generally, such sites are not accessible due to geographical restrictions. But with the right VPN, you can make it appear as if you are in an area where the service is available, so you can make a geographically restricted site feel like you're visiting the site in the right country.

Many streaming services use advanced VPN detection technology, so not all VPNs can go through the restrictions, but some VPNs, such as NordVPN, can access almost any site.

Secure with the public network

Are you using free Wi-Fi in parks, hotels, cafes, etc.? If so, you want to know the risks of using an unsecured public network. Using Wi-Fi spoofing, honeypot attacks, data interception by hackers, etc., is not recommended to use personal devices without such public Wi-Fi protection like this 

However, it is safe to use a VPN. You can avoid surveillance and use public Wi-Fi in a secure and secure manner.

Advanced anonymity

It's a misconception that using a VPN makes you completely anonymous, but it does hide your data from anyone trying to exploit or steal sensitive information.

By hiding Internet usage, VPNs can prevent ISPs (Internet Service Providers) from seeing their browsing history and avoid government surveillance.

Since privacy is a human right, a good VPN is working to protect your privacy.

Avoid censorship

If you travel to or live in a country where the Internet is heavily censored, using a VPN can solve the problem. With the right VPN service, you can use sites and services that you would not normally access more information here

If you want to use Google or Facebook in China, use VoIP apps in Dubai, or access Western media sites in Russia, you won't have to worry about government restrictions.

Unlimited internet access at school and work

Often, schools, universities, and workplaces ban access to distracting sites. These regulations are acceptable, but they can be over- blocked.

If you don't want to blacklist sites that have political debates or want to check out Facebook, using a VPN is a smart solution. However, if you are found by the director or teacher, you may be punished, so please do so at your own risk.

Improve internet communication

It's true that using a VPN slows down the Internet a bit, but it can also speed things up!

You might think that way ... is no, many ISP or download large files or users to stream, so as to adjust the communication speed and to detect that you are using a lot of bandwidth you know that Is it?

When a VPN encrypts data, it's very difficult for anyone, including your ISP, to identify which communication is your communication, so there's no speed adjustment. Because you use the Internet for a fee, the original high-speed communication is possible and no delay occurs.

Safe and unlimited torrents

Torrents themselves are not illegal, but downloading copyrighted material is illegal. As a result, some countries ban all major torrent sites.

If you live in such a country, you can use a VPN to access such sites. No matter where you are in the world, a VPN can hide your torrent activity from surveillance.

Not all VPNs allow torrents, but VPNs such as CyberGhost have dedicated torrent-optimized P2P servers.

ZtHosting is Providing the best Web Hosting in Pakistan, Offers industry best services at affordable prices. 100% Uptime and 24×7 Live Support. No one can compute ZtHosting.

Stream securely with Kodi, Popcorn Time and Putlocker

If you use Kodi, Popcorn Time, Putlocker, etc., you can stream more comfortably by using a VPN. Hiding your location allows you to access content (such as movies and TV shows) that is only accessible in certain countries and regions.

More importantly, a VPN can make your connection anonymous and secure. Your activity will not be monitored at all, and even government agencies and ISPs will not be able to see what you are doing. It also protects you from online threats, such as malware and spyware hidden in third-party add-ons and extensions.

vpnMentor does not recommend the distribution of copyrighted material but believes in free internet and privacy.

In a nutshell, VPNs can be very useful for a free and better Internet. You can use the internet for more purposes, such as privacy protection, security measures, and entertainment. For more information on what else you can do with a VPN, read the articles on different VPN types and when to use them.

Is VPN easy to use?

When used correctly, the great thing about VPNs is that they can be used by both novice and experienced users.

Depending on your needs, you may want to use a compact client that will quickly encrypt your connection and allow you to use the Internet safely, or you will be able to stream, torrent, and avoid censorship with full features and settings. You can also use rich software.

Whatever the purpose, a good VPN is very easy to use and can be set up quickly. You can start using it without complicated procedures without any detailed knowledge.

Advantages and disadvantages of VPN

 VPNs have a lot of appeals, but they are not perfect. We've compiled a list to help you better understand the strengths and weaknesses of VPNs.


  • It can pass the geographic restrictions of all sites.
  • With the right VPN, you can easily watch your favorite programs and access bulletin boards even on sites with geographic restrictions.
  • Geographically restricted sites recognize that you are accessing from the location of the VPN server.
  • No matter where you are in the world, you can access with confidence.
  • Securely access your home and work networks.

The main benefit of a good VPN is encryption.

  • This is a powerful security measure. Whether you are traveling or at home, using a VPN allows you to securely access remote desktops and home networks.
  • You can safely use the Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • As already explained, there are various risks to using public Wi-Fi without taking measures. With a VPN, you won't have to worry about your login information being stolen while using the cafe's Wi-Fi.
  • It can pass censorship.
  • If schools ban Facebook or the government completely blacklists Western media, both are censorship.
  • VPN is a reliable solution. If you want to communicate your opinion without being punished by law, a VPN allows you to exchange opinions while maintaining privacy.
  • It is possible to prevent an ISP from restricting communication and communication speed.
  • With a VPN, your Internet service provider can't see what you're doing. There's no way your ISP knows what you're downloading or what you're using the Internet for. In addition, it is possible to prevent the bandwidth from being adjusted intentionally, so you can enjoy the original high-speed communication.
  • Protect the privacy of communications.
  • If you want your messages, emails, and information exchanges to be visible only to the recipient, and not to outsiders, we recommend using a VPN. You can protect the privacy of your sensitive data and keep your data from being intercepted by watchers.
  • Protect yourself from DDoS attacks.
  • Eager gamers will know that distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks are a vicious and effective method of attack. Suddenly fun games are spoiled. This is an attack that is often performed by a loser when playing a highly competitive game. By using a VPN, you can quickly switch servers and get a new IP address so that you can avoid malicious attacks against you.


  • Communication speed becomes slow.
  • A VPN slows down communication because it reroutes Internet traffic to its own server. However, if you use a VPN service ( such as ExpressVPN ) with an optimized network and a high-speed server, you will not notice any delay. Also, keep in mind that the faster your connection speed is when you are not using a VPN, the less likely you will be affected by the VPN.
  • VPN providers have access to your Internet usage.
  • In reality, there is no guarantee that a VPN service provider will never see your logs.
  • In some cases, data retention may require user data to be submitted. You may also be required to enable client logging settings to resolve any issues you may have.
  • So it's important to read the reviews to see which country's laws apply to your VPN service and what other users think about privacy. VPN providers that are publicly aware have detailed privacy policies and elaborate on technical measures to protect your online activities as much as possible.

There are some other disadvantages depending on your perspective. We don't consider it a disadvantage, but it's a point to know.

  • Sites may be blocking the VPN.
  • Recently, many sites with geographic restrictions have turned their attention to unblocking software. These sites use technology to detect VPNs, making them inaccessible when using a VPN. It looks like a pretend, but there is a solution.
  • See this article on how to easily get through a VPN block.
  • In some cases, such as IP spoofing or blacklisting.
  • Many VPN services use shared IP addresses by default. In other words, the IP address of the VPN you are using is used by many other users, making it easier to be subject to IP spoofing.
  • Furthermore, the fact that one VPN user did it causes the IP address to be added to the blacklist for a specific service, and it is impossible to know that it was blacklisted unless there was no situation that it could not be connected There is. In some cases, this can result in the loss of trust in banks and email services.
  • The best way to prevent this is to choose a VPN that offers a static IP address. This way, you can use your own IP address and use services that require more protection while using VPN technology.


Source: http://zthosting.com